Bingos & Raffles for Charitable Purposes

The Ministry of Justice processes applications for the holding of Bingos and Raffles for charitable purposes in accordance with Section 51(1)(a) of the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Act.  

Under this section of the act permission is granted by the Minister for a lottery to be held in order to raise funds for any religious, charitable or educational purposes or promotion of athletic sports or cultural activities.

The procedure to be followed when making application for Minister’s consent is set out below: -

  • The attached application form must be completed in triplicate by three individuals considered to be the organizers of the Raffle/Bingo.  They are required to complete this form in their private capacity even though they may hold a position in the Organizing body (i.e. President, Secretary etc. of Service Club).
  • The application form when completed must be submitted with a supporting letter from the host organization giving authority for the individuals to hold the lottery on its behalf.
  • A letter of acceptance from the benefiting organization should also accompany the application.
  • The application form is then forwarded to the Police for investigation and report as to the reputation of the organizers and their trustworthiness to disburse public funds.
  • Once the Police report is favourable, a decision is taken on the application.
  • The organizers must thereafter enter into a Bond to pay to the Accountant General fifteen percent (15%) of the gross receipt; this is regarded as the duty payable.
  • Once the bond has been signed, the formal approval for the holding of the lottery is given.
  • With regard to the fifteen percent (15%) of the gross receipt a waiver of the duty may be sought from the Ministry of Finance, after the venture has been held.

N.B. Please include the telephone numbers of the organizers on the application. Commitment documents in respect of prizes being raffled over the value of $30,000.00 Jamaican dollars are to be submitted along with the application.