Access to Information Act (2002) – The Citizen’s Right to Know

The Access to Information Act (2002) gives citizens and other persons a general legal right to obtain access to an official government document, other than an exempt document, which would otherwise be inaccessible.

The Act aims to reinforce fundamental democratic principles vital to:

  • greater accountability of government to its people;
  • improved , more transparent government;
  • increased public influence on and participation in national decision making

Making your application

To apply for access to official documents under the Act, complete an Application form [download form here] or write a letter [See sample letter] requesting the information desired. Applications may also be made by email, telephone or fax or by making a personal visit to the Ministry of Justice.

You must be as specific as possible in your application and state that the documents are being requested under the Access to Information Act. Be sure to include your contact details e.g. telephone numbers, email address etc as it will make it easy for the Access to Information personnel to remain in contact with you.

Responsible officer :

Latoya Mattis
Access Officer
Ministry of Justice