Developing a Client-focused Service

The goal of the Ministry of Justice, is to deliver excellent service to customers and users of the justice system by transforming the service delivery culture from a bureaucratic one to one, which is more customer- service oriented, whilst aligning this to the national development 2030 vision to “make Jamaica the place of choice to   live, work, raise families and do business”.

The Customer Service Unit in the Ministry of Justice has a responsibility to:

  • Initiate  and develop strategies intended to improve service delivery;
  • Liaise with the Cabinet Office in the revision and launch of the MOJ’s Citizen’s Charter;
  • Offer leadership to ensure that good customer service skills including telephone and email etiquette, handling difficult customers, team work and sound  attitudes are incorporated into staff behaviour;
  • Ensure that  measurable service standards and targets are developed  and used as benchmarks of excellence;
  • Identify areas for improvements and implement  initiatives;
  • Ensure that turnaround time for the completion of transactions is shortened;
  • Continually improve and monitor employee- customer service performance levels;
  • Establish and communicate expectations associated with providing outstanding customer service to staff;
  • Offer opportunities for staff to participate in development exercises;
  • Establish a supportive internal customer service regime by preparing members of staff to deliver quality professional service to users/customers.
  • Ensure that citizens and users of justice services are aware of their rights and  responsibilities
  •  Putting in place mechanisms to protect the rights of, and deliver the relevant      MOJ services to all users of the system.
  • Increase initiatives to build citizens awareness of their rights and responsibilities and keep them informed of the avenues available to them to receive redress when ‘wronged’.
  • Modernize communication technologies to reach a diverse range of persons;
  • Increase collaboration with institutions such as schools, other service delivery agencies NGOs and community groups;
  • Be role models of the customer service we expect from others in the organisation;
  • Teach customer service basics to every employee in the organisation;
  • Monitor the Customer service email and hotline;
  • Expose staff to Good customer service practices;
  • Monitor  the MOJ’s Website to ensure accuracy and currency of information;
  • Answer customers' questions, and attempt to resolve customers' complaints.