Justice Reform Implementation Unit

The Justice Reform Implementation Unit  (JRIU) was established in April , 2012, through funding from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) under the Justice Undertakings for Social transformation (JUST) Programme. The JUST Programme is a 4 -year initiative and is scheduled to come to an end in 2016. At the end of the period it is expected that the JRIU will be integrated into the structure of the Ministry of Justice.

The rationale for establishing the JRIU was a recognition of the need for a Unit within the Ministry designated to:

  1. Consolidate , coordinate ,monitor  and support the timely delivery of all justice sector reform initiatives;
  2. Drive the  implementation of  the Justice Reform Agenda  over the long-term , e.g. the Jamaica Justice Reform Task Force Report (2007), the Jamaica Justice Reform Policy Agenda Framework (2009), the MOJ’s Strategic Business Plans, in addition to the Millenium Development Goals, and the National Development Plan; Vision 2030
  3. Develop a collaborative governance framework which facilitates the optimal use of available resources;
  4. Coordinate and monitor justice-related projects/programmes funded by International Donor Partners (IDPs)

Structure of the JRIU

The JRIU is headed by a Director with technical and administrative support from project staff. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Jamaica acts as the conduit through which funding for the JRIU from the donor agency is channelled to the Ministry of Justice for disbursement in respect o programme activities under the JUST Programme.

The offices of the JRIU also accommodate the Programme Director for the Technical-Legal Assistance component of the JUST Programme which is being implemented by the Department of Justice Canada, as well as the Coordinator for the Social Order component of the Programme who is contracted to CIDA. The Programme Coordinator appointed by CIDA to oversee the Programme on its behalf is also located in the JRIU.

Programme activities carried out by the JRIU are predicated on the integrated Annual Work Plans developed in collaboration with the implementers and beneficiaries   of the JUST Programme