Legal Aid Clinic

Address: 131 Tower Street Kingston
Telephone: 1 (876) 922 - 3761
Fax: 1 (876) 948 - 9288

The Kingston Legal Aid Clinic Limited (KLAC) a Limited Liability Company under the laws of Jamaica, was established in 1971 by a group of concerned Attorneys. The aim is “To provide high quality legal service to persons who because of poverty are in danger of having their legal rights infringed”.


The Clinic provides subsidized professional legal services to persons who are faced with criminal cases or civil disputes that are in danger of having their civil rights infringed or their claims unheeded because of their inability to pay. Over the years more and more persons who do not fall in the above category in order to stretch their dollar seek the assistance of the Clinic.


The KLAC provides high quality legal services to persons across the length and breadth of Jamaica. Two mobile Clinics are operated; one in Mandeville Manchester on Wednesdays and the other in May Pen on Thursdays twice per month. The Mandeville Clinic operates out of the RADA Building and the May Pen Clinic operates out of the May Pen Court house.


 An average of 900 persons are seen at the May Pen Clinic, 1500 at the Mandeville Clinic and in excess of 12,000 at the office at 131 Tower Street annually. Approximately half of these clients come in only for advice on a variety of problems, legal, social economical and on occasions even medical. Everyone is spoken to, sometimes by more than one member of staff.  Initially consultation was free, however faced with rising costs, clients are asked to pay a small consultation fee.


Listed below are the types of matters taken on by the Clinic:-



Deed Poll

 Making of wills

Letter writing

Division of Property

Declaration of Spouseship

Appointment of Legal Guardian

Declaration of Paternity

Letters of Administration



1st Registration of property

Lost Title Applications

Various Declarations/Affidavits/ Agreements

Criminal matters/RM and Supreme Court

Agreement for Sale

Declaration of Identity

Application to Note Death

Application to Note Marriage

Civil Matters RM/Supreme Court


Custody matters

Miscellaneous Supreme Court applications

Matters relating to employment

Landlord and tenant


The KLAC is governed by a Board of Directors and has its’ offices at 131 Tower Street in downtown Kingston.


The service provided by the Clinic is not free; clients are assessed and fees are charged based on each client’s ability to pay.


The Clinic receives a small annual subvention from the Ministry of Justice otherwise the Clinic is entirely dependent on the fees from the clients for the remainder of the cost to run its operations.