Legal Services Unit

The Mission/Objective of the Legal Services Unit is:

"To contribute to the social and economic development of Jamaica through the Ministry of Justice by the provision of the highest quality legal advice".

Main Functions

  • The provision of legal advice to the Ministry of Justice on issues related to constitutional law, human rights law, Ministry's statutory responsibilities and on the Ministry's functions and responsibilities in respect to Acts administered by other Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA);
  • Advise MDAs on the interpretation, implication and implementation of various legislation developed by the Ministry;
  • Assist in the concept phase of the development of legislation and guide the consultation process leading to the drafting of Bills under the remit of the Ministry
  • Advise the Ministry of Justice on all contractual obligations;
  • Conduct research and render opinions, only on matters within the purview of the Ministry of Justice;
  • Respond to general legal requests/queries made by the public;
  • Refer legal documents for the advice of the Honourable Attorney General, as well as;
  • To provide support to the Executive branch of the Government.