Management Information Systems

The Management Information Systems (MIS) Division has responsibilities for all Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions within the Ministry of Justice (MOJ).

The Division is mandated to strategically identify and implement cost effective, secure, reliable and efficient ICT Solutions that will drive the operations of the Ministry.

The Division is committed to developing an ICT strategy that will, among other things, take measures to ensure that strategic objectives, core business processes and Information Technology (IT) are aligned.

It is the Division's mission to develop an ICT architecture that will allow the Ministry to easily access and monitor Agencies and Departments' performances, to automate business processes and informate management, to facilitate effective, secure, and transparent data and resource management.


Strategic Focus

  • Leverage ICT to improve communication
  • Build a robust and secure ICT infrastructure
  • Business process automation
  • Strategic ICT planning and Information Technoloy governance
  • Work with Whole-of-Government initiatives to increase efficiency and reduce cost throuh the use of ICT