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The Justice Minister Delroy Chuck revealed that by 2017, over 70 courts and seven hearing rooms will be retrofitted with audiovisual technology to assist judges with more timely judgments. Chuck stated that with this new technology, judges will no longer have to take notes ‘longhand’ but will have more efficient recording and retrieval capability. The audiovisual system will be able to capture and digitize testimonies and proceedings of the court. 

More than two hundred individuals have commenced training to become Justices of the Peace (JPs). The mandatory qualification training began in September and will continue until the end of October. It is the largest number of persons to be trained to secure a JP commission over such short period of time.

The numbers are attributed to an aggressive drive by the Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck, for more persons of integrity to become Justices of the Peace. Persons are being trained from the parishes of Kingston, St. Andrew, Clarendon St. Ann and St. James.  

Speaking at the start of the second phase of the sensitization session on justice services recently, Justice Minister Delroy Chuck, pointed out that the assistance received from international partners such as the European Union, the United States, Canada and the UK toward justice reform in Jamaica must not be taken for granted.

Cabinet has approved the appointment of Ministers of Religion, the Reverends Rennard White and Herro Blair Jr. to complete the full complement of the three-member Compensation Committee that will investigate and determine claims brought by aggrieved persons in respect of the events of May 2010. Ms. Carlene Larmond, an Attorney experienced in litigation, will serve as Legal Advisor to the Committee which will be chaired by Retired President of the Court of Appeal, Hon. Justice Seymour Panton.

The Hon. Delroy Chuck, Minister of Justice

Recent developments over the past 24 hours have once again fuelled a national discussion on the justice system. I assure you that this Government views justice as a priority. We are even more determined to fix the ailing system with a sense of urgency.

We know that there is no quick fix for the justice system. However, we have picked some low hanging fruits which we think will go a far way in improving access to justice and making the system more effective and efficient.

The Minister of Justice, Delroy Chuck has announced that by the end of October the Granville Restorative Justice (RJ) Centre will be re-opened and fully operational.

At the peak of the sensitization sessions hosted by the Ministry of Justice for the month of September, Permanent Secretary Carol Palmer announced that the target of training and sensitizing 1000 community leaders had been surpassed.

 Cabinet has appointed the Hon. Justice Seymour Panton as Chair of the Compensation Committee to investigate all claims brought by aggrieved persons and to determine the compensation payable to injured persons and to the personal representatives of deceased persons in respect of the events of May 2010.