Date: Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck has saluted members of the staff of the Mandeville Courthouse who were dislocated due to the fire at the Mandeville Courthouse on Thursday, November 8.

The Minister noted that the staff were back at work the very next day following the fire, and despite the makeshifts arrangements under which they operated in its aftermath, they continued to graciously serve the public.

“What we have seen on display is the very best of Jamaica, and I express sincere gratitude to all the members of staff who put service above self and persevered under very trying cricumstances,” he said.

He noted that the Justice Ministry worked in tandem with Court Management Services to speedily identify more amenable facilities. They now operate out of James Warehouse Plaza on South Racecourse Road in Mandeville.

All matters which were scheduled for the Manchester Parish Court will continue to be dealt with at the outstations in Porus and Christiana.

The Minister noted that the Justice Ministry is moving ahead with the existing plans to replace the parish court with a new courthouse to serve Manchester.

“The objective of this Justice Ministry is that Jamaicans have ease of access to the justice services they need, as well as systems that will support expeditious and efficient handling of their matters, in an atmosphere where they are treated with the dignity that every Jamaican deserves,” he said.

The Justice Ministry has allocated some $1 billion to renovate, expand and upgrade justice sector infrastructure during this Fiscal Year.

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