Justices of the Peace Called to Higher Service in Transformation of the Justice Sector

KINGSTON, November 29, 2019

Justices of the Peace (JPs) are being urged to contribute more towards Jamaica’s justice reform. The call came from Minister of Justice, Delroy Chuck, during a Justices of the Peace Sensitisation Session in Hatfield, Manchester on Wednesday, November 20.
Minister Chuck while praising the dedicated service of JPs said more is required of them in the transformation of the justice sector to a first class system. Important to that, he added, is participating in on-going training sessions that are tailored to their information needs and the execution of their functions.

“These sessions are to appeal to you about what more you can do to make Jamaica a great place. JPs are highly regarded and we want to help you to make further contributions to Jamaica,” he said to the group of approximately 100 JPs. 

Since 2017, over 5,000 JPS have benefited from sensitisation sessions on various topics including estate management, mediation and the Justices of the Peace Act. 

Minister Chuck’s call was echoed by Custos of Manchester, Garfield Green, who also attended the session. “This session places focus on the quality of services JPs will offer to this parish through training. Much is invested to ensure the services by Justices of the Peace are of integrity and confidence,” he said. 

He further stated that JPs are needed in their communities as role models and standards of dignity. Custos Green implored the JPs to implement initiatives to help citizens. As an example, he mentioned the domestic and suicide helpline which his office launched earlier in 2019.

Meanwhile, Minister Chuck said that there are plans to build a new courthouse for Manchester within the next 18 months. His announcement follows the relocation of staff from the Manchester Parish Courthouse after fire ravaged parts of the building on Thursday, November 8. However, until a new courthouse is constructed the staff will temporarily operate from James Warehouse Plaza on South Racecourse in Mandeville. 

The Minister added that the construction of the courthouse is one of many infrastructure projects that the Ministry of Justice is undertaking as part of justice reform in the country. The Justice Ministry has allocated some $1 billion to renovate, expand and upgrade justice sector infrastructure during this Fiscal Year.

Additionally, the Ministry of Justice is improving service delivery through alternative dispute resolution services; the Child Diversion Programme; legal aid; and training and sensitisation sessions for justice stakeholders.

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