Proposed Integrity Commission to have Three Divisions

The Integrity Commission Bill 2016, which was presented in the House of Representative recently, proposed three divisions of the Commission, namely the Investigation Division; the Corruption Prevention Division; and the Administration Commission.

The Investigation Division will investigate allegations of corruption as well as monitor the award of government contracts. The Division will also examine the grant, issue, variation, suspension or revocation of licences to ensure that there is no impropriety associated with such licences.

The Corruption Prevention Division will, subject to the powers of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), institute and have conduct of prosecutions where the Investigation Division has referred a matter to it for prosecution. The Division is also empowered to conduct proceedings for the seizure, forfeiture or recovery of property related to acts of corruption.

The Administration Division will manage the day to day business of the Commission and will receive and route complaints or enquiries concerning acts of corruption to the respective Division for action