The Office of the Trustee in Bankruptcy (OTB), a Department under the Ministry of Justice, was established in 1937 under the Bankruptcy Act to administer the affairs of individuals who are insolvent. However, the OTB also has jurisdiction under the Companies Act to administer the liquidation of insolvent companies. The aim of the OTB is to provide a legal shelter for debtors.


The development of an office of insolvency administration in Jamaica capable of performing at international standards all the functions necessary for the provision of a comprehensive and efficient insolvency service.


To contribute to present and potential investor confidence through the efficient administration of the affairs of bankrupt persons and insolvent companies pursuant to the Bankruptcy and Companies Acts.


To give priority to the restoration of financial viability in the administration of insolvency and, where this is not feasible, ensure the winding up of the affairs of insolvents in an orderly manner with fair treatment to debtors and creditors.


For more information or clarification, please refer to the Companies Act or contact the OTB at:

3rd Floor, Caldon Finance Building
(aka Victoria Wealth Management Building)
52-60 Grenada Crescent
Kingston 5