About Us

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) is a Government of Jamaica ministerial entity, headed by the Minister of Justice. It was formed at the end of October 2001 when it was separated from the then Ministry of National Security and Justice.

Over the years, the Ministry of Justice has been paired and separated from the Ministry of National Security on more than one occasion.

The Ministry of Justice is the lead administrator of Justice in Jamaica and therefore administers legislation, delivers justice services and provides policy support and analysis on justice issues.

 It is mandated to:

  • ensure that Jamaica is a just and law-abiding society with an accessible, efficient and fair system of justice for all.

  • promote respect for rights and freedoms, the Rule of Law and the Constitution.

  • promote awareness of individual responsibilities and civil obligations.

 This mandate is to be achieved through:

  • protecting the constitutional rights of citizens.

  • maintaining the independence of the Judiciary.

  • reinforcing confidence in Legal Institutions.

  • carrying out law reform to effect greater social justice.

  • providing means of redress when people are abused by organs of the state.

  • carrying out legal directives ordered by the courts for the protection of society.

The articulated priorities of the Ministry of Justice 2012-15 are; strengthened public trust and confidence in the justice system; improved access to justice; strengthened linkages between justice sector institutions; establishing a sound court infrastructure and implementing a social component to the delivery of justice.

Priority Policy

The priority policy of the Ministry of Justice is the comprehensive transformation of the justice system, focusing primarily in the short to medium terms on the following specific policy areas:

  • Justice Reform

  • Restorative Justice

  • Child Diversion

  • Protecting Children, Youth and Vulnerable Groups

The priority of the Ministry of Justice is the comprehensive transformation of the justice system, by focusing on the delivery of efficient and effective justice to all. As part of the justice reform agenda, the Department of Justice Canada (DOJ) completed an organizational review of the MoJ, which resulted in a new corporate profile, with a policy and people-centred focus.

Therefore, the core business of the MOJ falls into three broad categories:

  • developing and implementing justice policy;
  • providing legal advice and services (legal advice to government; legislative drafting; conducting civil litigation; conducting criminal prosecution);  and
  • delivering justice programmes and services to citizens of Jamaica and in the public interest.

The new corporate structure has two major divisions, namely:  

  • Corporate Services Division, and
  • Justice Policy and Governance Division


Facilitate effective access to justice for all.


To facilitate effective access to justice and deliver quality justice services for all by establishing a first-class justice system and strong partnerships.

Core Values


We keep our promises to our customers
We are sensitive to the needs of our internal and external customers
We go the extra mile
We keep agreed time frames


We focus on results
We take ownership of our responsibilities
We keep our knowledge and skills current and relevant
We exercise our initiative when the situation demands it


We are trusted and trustworthy
We are honest and open with each other
We are honest and open with the public
We are impartial and non-partisan


We value diversity in people
We treat everyone respectfully


We constantly look for new ways to use resources more efficiently
We are committed to continuous improvement
We challenge the status quo


We are supportive of each other
We focus on our common purpose and goals
We value each team member's contribution