Finance and Accounts


There are four functional units within the Finance & Accounts Division. These are:



The Salaries Unit comprises of four offices including a supervisor. The Unit is tasked with ensuring that approximately 400 employees within the Ministry and its Departments are paid accurately and on time. The Unit is also responsible for the preparation of NHT and NIS letters and facilitates the processing of salary deductions to the various entities approved by the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service.  


The Payments Unit is considered the hub of the Division. All invoices and claims relating to the supply of goods & services, utilities, construction works, consultancy, mileage, subsistence, petty cash, property rental etc;  are processed by the Payments Unit on behalf of the Ministry and all four (4) Departments.

Financial Reporting

The Financial Reporting Unit is responsible for the preparation and submission of the monthly and annual expenditure statements to the Auditor General’s Department and the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service. The Unit also prepares and submits monthly statements to the Ministry’s Divisions, Units and Departments.


Budget and Commitment

The Budget and Commitment Unit collates and prepares the budget for the Ministry and its Departments. The Unit also monitors the warrant, inflows and balances on budget. The Unit is also responsible for processing all commitments to effect payments and to facilitate the preparation of Purchase Orders.


Governing Legislation

The Division is guided by the Financial Administration and Audit Act (FAA Act) and its Instructions along with the Government’s Procurement Guidelines and the Staff Order to ensure, transparency, accountability and compliance in accordance with approved best practices.