Finance and Accounts

Main Functions

There are four functional areas within the Unit. These are:

  • The salaries section which is headed by a supervisor and two staff members. They ensure that the approximately four hundred members of staff composed of monthly and fortnightly paid are paid on time and correctly. They prepare salary letters for refunds from statutory bodies and also perform the requested salary deductions and funds remittance to entities indicated by staff.

  • The payments section is the hub of the department. All bills for the five heads of estimate are processed for payment along with staff motor vehicle upkeep, mileage payments, subsistence, petty cash reimbursements and other reimbursables.

  • The main accounts section prepares monthly and annual expenditure statements to be sent to the Ministry of Finance and also to the Auditor General’s Department. Monthly statements are also sent to Unit and Departmental heads.

  • The budget and commitment Section monitors the warrant inflows as well as prepares and collates the annual budget for the four heads of estimate which fall under the preview of the Ministry of Justice.

Governing Legislation

The Unit is governed by the Financial Administration and Audit Act (FAA) which guides what are permissible accounting practices. The Government’s Procurement Guidelines are also used to determine that proper procurement procedures have been followed. The Government’s Staff Orders are also used to determine the allowances and payments permitted in special circumstances.