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Legislationsort descending Legislation Type Operational Date Last Amendment
Architects Registration Act Act November 2, 1987 January 1, 2005
Architects Registration Act Subsidary Legislation
Archives Act Act January 18, 1983 January 1, 1982
Archives Act Subsidary Legislation
Art Unions Legalization Act Act May 12, 1890 January 1, 1890
Assets (Tax (Specified Bodies) Act Act January 2, 2003 January 1, 2005
Attestation of Instruments (Facilities) Act Act
Bail Act Act December 29, 2000 January 1, 2010
Bail Act Subsidary Legislation
Banana Board Act Act October 1, 1953 January 1, 1985
Banana Insurance Act Act October 24, 1946 January 1, 1971
Bank of Jamaica Act Act October 1, 1960 January 1, 2009
Bank of Jamaica Act Subsidary Legislation
Banking Act Act December 31, 1992 January 1, 2004
Bankruptcy Act Act January 1, 1880 January 1, 1995
Bath of St Thomas The Apostle Act Subsidary Legislation
Bath of St. Thomas the Apostle Act Act March 5, 1942 January 1, 1995
Bauxite (Production Levy) Act Act January 1, 1974 January 1, 1998
Bauxite (Production Levy) Act Subsidary Legislation
Bauxite and Alumina Industries (Encouragement) Act Act June 12, 1950 January 1, 1997




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