JP’s Encouraged to Increase Involvement in the Delivery of Justice Services

For Immediate Release

October 12, 2023

JP’s Encouraged to Increase Involvement in the Delivery of Justice Services

St Elizabeth, Jamaica. The Minister of Justice, the Hon. Delroy Chuck, has strengthened a call for Justices of the Peace (JPs) to not only ensure their involvement in the Parish Associations, but to join the specialized groups that continue to support the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) in the efficient delivery of justice services.

Minister Chuck who was the guest speaker at the JP Commissioning Ceremony in St Elizabeth, on Friday, September 22, stated that this level of involvement will assist law enforcers to maintain law and order in each parish.

“We hope that you will assist the police, not to do police work, but to be the vehicles to get information to the police, so we can reduce crime. We have to find ways and means to cut out crime, violence and wrongdoing across each parish and that is why JPs must work closely and strategically with their Parish Associations,” he said

As part of the Ministry’s efforts to make justice accessible to all Jamaicans, Minister Chuck encouraged the JPs to be clear on the elements of justice in balancing the rights and responsibilities of each citizen.

“Get involved in the promotion of the service of the Ministry, so we can ensure that peace and harmony exists in the home, in the communities and the parish. Justices of the Peace, where you see conflicts among persons, recommend that they seek help.” The Minister urged

He added, “People love to say it is government and the police that must solve crime. But the truth of the matter is that, the police and the government alone cannot solve crime. We need all to help. Justices of the Peace must come forward and work closely with the police. You must be the conduit for information.”

Commanding officer of the St Elizabeth Police, Acting Superintendent Coleridge Minto, during his remarks, implored the JPs to continue their training in restorative justice and be the champions of change in resolving conflicts in the community.

“Community members must not only see you as persons who will certify documents and sign photographs, but they must see you as persons who can help them resolve conflicts.  Your wisdom, patience and integrity will serve as a beacon of hope for those seeking justice.”

The 45 newly commissioned JPs, trained by the Justice Training Institute (JTI), have increased the cadre of Justices of the Peace in the parish of St Elizabeth to 419.