Justice Training Institute, Court Administration Division Receive over $30M worth of Equipment to Improve Service Delivery

Press Release

For Immediate Release

March 8, 2024

Justice Training Institute, Court Administration Division Receive over $30M worth of Equipment to Improve Service Delivery

Kingston, Jamaica. The Justice Training Institute (JTI) of the Ministry of Justice and the Court Administration Division (CAD)  on Friday, March 1, received court reporting equipment, through the Social Justice Project (SO JUST), implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC), to improve service delivery in the Justice system.

The JTI and CAD each received fifteen (15) laptops and fifteen (15) stenography machines valued at USD$198,920.00 (over JMD$30 million).

The 60 pieces of equipment will strengthen institutional capacity for accurate and timely capture of court proceedings, through appropriate training, technological and human resource strategies at the JTI’s Court Reporter Lab.

The equipment will also assist in addressing the existing challenges of current court proceedings and transcriptionists across the Island’s courts.

Minister of Justice, Hon. Delroy Chuck, highlighted the handover as a significant stride in the Ministry’s commitment to modernize and enhance the efficiency of the judicial system.

“The implementation of advanced stenographer equipment and state-of-the-art laptops underscores our dedication to providing our court personnel with the tools they need to excel in their crucial roles. These resources are not merely gadgets; they are instruments that empower our team to record, transcribe, and manage court proceedings with the utmost precision and speed.”

The Minister expressed gratitude to the partners and encouraged stronger collaborative effort for greater success.

 “Let us embrace the opportunities that these advancements offer and continue to work together towards a justice system that is both fair and technologically adept. May these new tools serve as catalysts for greater achievements and advancements in the days to come.”

Resident Representative, UNDP, Kishan Khoday, commended the judicial system for clearing case backlogs in the courts despite constraints.  

“This [achievement] underscores Jamaica’s commitment to Justice Sector reform and its client-centered approach to the administration of Justice. We are honoured to be in service to the Government and the people of Jamaica in supporting your vision to become a regional leader in facilitating effective access to Justice.”   

With a strong inclusive Justice system vital for sustainable development, High Commissioner for Canada to Jamaica, Her Excellency, Emina Tudakovic, indicated that the acquisition and use of the equipment is a step in the right direction.

“This [donation] will expedite the legal process for judges and lawyers and other stakeholders, with easy access to accurate records, thus reducing delays and backlogs in cases.  Additionally, they will enhance transparency and accountability, allowing for thorough review and screening of court proceedings.”

In reiterating the move of the Judiciary to have an effective electronic case management system, Chief Justice, Bryan Sykes stated that the equipment will ensure that accurate records management efforts are enforced and maintained.

“We want to move to [the place] where every trial has a written transcript, so 20, 30 years from now someone may wish to find out what happened in a particular case, it is available. We have to see this as part of improving the efficiency of the courts, we must move away from the long-hand writing by the judges.”  

The SO-JUST Project uses an equitable human rights and gender responsive approach targeting systemic change within the structures of the Ministry of Justice, its departments and agencies, the CAD, and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and other state and non-state partners.



Photo Caption- Minister of Justice, The Hon. Delroy Chuck (centre) with (L-R) Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Justice Grace Ann Stewart McFarlane; Acting Head of the Court Administration Division, Mitsy Beaumont Daley; Chief Justice Bryan Sykes; High Commissioner for Canada to Jamaica Emina Tudakovic; and Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme, Kishan Khoday at the SO-JUST Project Equipment Handover Ceremony on Friday March 1.