The Ministry of Justice Urges Citizens to Report Rogue JPs

The Ministry of Justice notes with great concern the articles published in the April 17 edition of the Sunday Gleaner, “Corrupt Justices” and “‘Injustice’ of the peace” and assures the public that the Ministry does not condone the deviant actions of a few persons who seek to tarnish the reputation of the office of the Justice of the Peace (JP).

Members of the public are urged to report rogue JPs to the office of the Custos in their parish or call the Ministry at 888- JUSTICE (587-8423). The public is also encouraged to discontinue the practice of paying JPs for their services.

The Ministry continues to work alongside the Custodes to encourage JPs to exercise their duties with the integrity befitting the office. Additionally, steps have been taken to expel those who habitually breach the code of conduct. This has resulted in the decommissioning of 14 JPs since 2010 because of misconduct. As stated in the article “Corrupt Justices”, the Ministry has also been promoting the establishment of JP Parish Associations that will aid with the oversight and monitoring of JPs.

Individuals undergo extensive training at the Justice Training Institute (JTI) before being commissioned as JPs. At the JTI, they are instructed on their responsibilities as well as the standard of conduct to be exhibited by a functionary of the office. Particular emphasis is placed on the fact that the service is voluntary and as such should be free to the public. In addition to this initial training, the Ministry engages the JPs in regular sensitisation sessions where they are reminded of how they should behave as dictated by the JP Act (2018) and other relevant laws. 

The Ministry is aware of the demand for the services of JPs. Therefore, following the passage of the JP Act, JPs are no longer restricted to serving solely in their respective parishes but can now execute their duties island wide. For a list of JPs across Jamaica, visit the Ministry’s website,, email or contact the office of the Custos in their parish.