Strategic Planning, Policy Research and Evaluation


To support the Ministry’s mission, applying scientific research and analytic

methods, objective research-based information and strategic planning in the development, implementation and evaluation of criminal and civil justice policies and issues


  • To monitor and evaluate programmes/projects of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ)
  • To define, collect, analyse and report useful information about a programme to enhance decision-making and programme improvement
  • To prepare project profiles and proposals to attract international funding to assist in satisfying the needs of the Justice system
  • Facilitating the development of scientific research specifically in the Criminal and Civil Justice Sector and more broadly in the Ministry of Justice
  • Monitoring special projects that are undertaken by the Ministry of Justice
  • Compiling the Corporate Plan and Annual Report of the Ministry of Justice
  • Court Data Management
  • Effectively planning and reviewing policies of the Ministry of Justice
  • Facilitating the development and implementation of new research ventures


Research, Corporate Planning and Evaluation Unit

The Research, Corporate Planning and Evaluation Unit is a unit within the Strategic Planning, Policy Research and Evaluation Division. The main responsibility of this unit is to collect and analyse information and conduct research that will influence prudent policy decisions to improve the justice system.


Objectives of the Research, Corporate Planning and Evaluation Unit

  • To facilitate the development of scientific decision making throughout the Ministry of Justice
  • To conduct research, analyse data and design research methods that will provide the relevant information for policy development and programme implementation
  • To provide stakeholders in the Ministry of Justice with timely court related data
  • To direct and coordinate the production of the Ministry’s Corporate Plan in line with the agreed budget allocation for the Ministry.
  • To direct and co-ordinate the production of the Ministry’s Annual Report
  • To provide key interests with timely and accurate evaluations and

recommendations for strengthening justice related programmes

  • To work in cooperation with other agencies with national development in order to secure the necessary coordination
  • To develop a policy centre that will integrate research and programming in the policy cycle


Key outputs of the Research, Corporate Planning and

Evaluation Unit

There are several key outputs of the SPPRE division. These include

  • Corporate and Operational Plans
  • Ministry of Justice Annual Reports
  • Court  Statistics
  • Quarterly Reviews
  • Project/Research Documents
  • MOJ Performance Reviews
  • MOJ Priority Policies



Senior Director

  • Participates in the development of the strategic direction of the Ministry
  • Leads the development and implementation of the division’s operational plan and budget
  • Provides technical advice to the Permanent Secretary, departments, agencies and other relevant personnel on planning and policy matters
  • Develops, implements and maintains policies and procedures to guide the operations of the division
  • Oversees the establishment and maintenance of the Ministry’s data collection and record management functions and ensures that all requirements under the related acts and legislations (such as Access to Information Act) are met.
  • Prepares briefs, speeches and position papers for the Minister and Permanent Secretary as required.
  • Collaborates with the Public Relations Division to develop a programme for the effective communication of the Ministry’s policies, programmes and projects to its shareholders.
  • Represents the Ministry at local and international meetings, conferences and other affairs as required.
  • Prepares and submits performance and other reports as required and ensures timely submission of all documents/information requested from the division.
  • Creates the planning framework to support the Ministry’s planning functions ensuring consistency with other management processes such as performance management, project management and management reporting
  • Develops and ensures implementation of guidelines to facilitate the development, monitoring and evaluation of various planning functions (strategic, operational, budget); ensures the integration of these plans and their consistency with the government’s strategic objective
  • Forecasts and analyses external variables of strategic importance to the Ministry and integrates these into the planning process
  • Oversees the assessment of plans from departments and agencies for conformity with established policies, and overall strategic objectives
  • Contributes to, and ensures effective coordination of the formulation and implementation of policies ensuring adequate analysis of the financial, economic and social benefits of policy recommendations
  • Reviews policies to determine effectiveness and relevance and makes recommendations where necessary to ensure alignment with the Ministry’s strategic objectives
  • Continuously scan the internal and external environment to identify opportunities for projects, which will assist the Ministry to effectively achieve its long and short-term objectives. Leads the development of project proposals and collaborates with other Ministries/Agencies for development and implementation where required
  • Establishes policies and procedures for the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects undertaken by the Ministry and ensures reporting requirements of all stakeholders/partners are met
  • Oversees and ensures the effective management of project implementation in accordance with plan. Monitors critical paths and adopts a proactive approach to highlighting and initiating corrective action in cases of delay or any other situations which may affect the timely completion and /or achievement of project objectives
  • Oversees and ensures the development of a research mechanism to provide information and analysis to support the policy and planning functions in particular and the overall work of the Ministry in general
  • Oversees the development and ensure the maintenance of information databases to support the Ministry’s projects and programmes
  • Keeps abreast of trends and changes in planning and policy development and makes recommendations for their adoption where necessary to enhance the Ministry’s planning and policy development functions

Director – Research, Corporate Planning and Evaluation

  • Provides guidance to the Department Heads in formulating appropriate targets which are specific, measurable and realistic
  • Assists in the preparation of Cabinet Legislation submissions
  • Prepares the departmental budget for the Unit
  • Conducts high level internal analyses of the Department’s performance of relating to policy implementation, achievement of targets and budgetary management against the Corporate Plan and develop appropriate performance indicators
  • Identifies and provides advice on major opportunities for performance improvement at the strategic level
  • Assists in establishing mechanisms to ensure sustainable performance improvement initiatives
  • Undertakes special research on matters pertaining to justice upon request
  • Formulates output-based performance management systems for the Departments and Agencies within the Ministry

Corporate Planner

  • Facilitates, in collaboration with the senior officials of the Ministry, its Departments, and Agencies, integrated Corporate Plans and programmes in accordance with Government directives, priorities and the Ministry’s mission
  • Ensures that the Ministry’s corporate plan and annual operational plan are communicated to the Department heads throughout the Ministry and its Agencies
  • Advises the Permanent Secretary on matters relating to the Ministry’s Corporate Plan
  • Assists the Ministry’s Departments & Agencies with the preparation of their Corporate Plans to be in harmony with that of the Ministry
  • Advises on the monitoring and evaluation process of the Department’s performance against corporate targets, as well as monitoring the Corporate Planning process within the Ministry and its Departments and Agencies
  • Advises on the establishment of time frames, performance indicators and targets for programmes and activities that are specific, measurable and realistic
  • Analyses statistical and other information relating to the internal and external environment and ensures relevant application in the preparation of the Corporate Plan
  • Develops performance indicators to measure and reports on the effectiveness of the Corporate Plan
  • Coordinates the quarterly performance evaluations of the Ministry’s Departments & Agencies and prepares evaluation reports
  • Facilitates the implementation of the corporate management and evaluation processes improvement initiatives in the Ministry

Senior Statistician

  • Collaborates with the Research Units to design and development  effective data collection instruments;
  • Collects statistical data from Ministry’s agencies and departments and other external sources to support research priorities in the Justice Sector;
  • Collects and summarizes data into trend information for reports and bulletins;
  • Liaises with relevant personnel to ensure the submission of statistical information and data on the Justice Sector is submitted in  a timely manner;
  • Analyses and interprets statistical data collected to forecast programmes, projects and policy capabilities;
  • Provides advice and instructions to the relevant personnel on the appropriate statistical data collection methods to be used;
  • Ensures the security and credibility of the data that are stored in the database;
  • Provides statistical information and briefs the Director of Research Corporate Planning and Evaluation on the performance of the programmes and projects in Justice Sector;
  • Provides statistical support to the policy development process;
  • Keep up to date with current statistical tools and global information;
  • Prepares and submits progress reports to  Director, Research Corporate Planning and Evaluation

Assistant Statistician

  • Stores electronically, data received from the Courts Offices.
  • Maintains retention record of hard copy documents received from the Courts Offices.
  • Reports errors/inconsistencies to the supervisor or other relevant personnel.
  • Assists in the preparation of statistical reports.
  • Maintains a usable structure/framework for the database system.
  • Performs any other duties as assigned.

Senior Research and Monitoring Officer

  • Plans, directs and manages research activities within the unit
  • Establishes a set of Operational Objectives to guide the operations of the unit
  • Develops work plans and schedules for staff
  • Convenes and participates in meetings relevant to role and function
  • Prepares operational reports
  • Oversees the design, development and review of research instruments, model and indices
  • Coordinates all exercises for gathering and processing data. Assesses and determines appropriates research models and indices.
  • Undertakes a range of research including the impact of ministry policies and legislation on the Justice System
  • Manages to ensure provision of adequate data for policy formulation, reviews and analysis
  • Participates in the development of systems for monitoring, evaluating and reporting performance in ministry policy areas
  • Recommends  and organises training for research staff
  • Overseas and monitors research studies and publications
  • Prepares standard operating procedures for the conducting of research projects
  • Keeps abreast of local and international trends/ issues on related justice issues
  • Provides research support to departments and agencies within the Ministry
  • Represents the ministry at various research related meetings and fora
  • Collaborates with other ministries, government departments and agencies in executing research work and exchange of data/information
  • Assists in the preparation of budgets for the research unit

Research and Monitoring Officer

  • designs and implements appropriate research instruments for the studies, evaluations or projects identified by relevant stakeholders
  • Provides research support to departments and agencies within the ministry
  • Prepares work plans for research projects undertaken by Research Team
  • Conducts research studies and surveys for the ministry, its departments and agencies
  • Participates in the processing and analysis of research data
  • Reviews policy initiative and outcomes of issues pertinent to the ministry
  • Liaises with the Corporate Planner in formulating the corporate plans and annual reports and budget
  • Keeps abreast of new policy development  locally and internationally
  • Assists with the implementation of research initiatives
  • Assists in the dissemination of research findings
  • Performs any other duties assigned

Executive Secretary

  • Reproduces in the correct format, a variety of documents as instructed by the Senior Director;
  • Receives dictation and transcribe notes;
  • Re-routes correspondences to relevant officers/departments;
  • Monitors incoming calls/clients, route and direct accordingly;
  • Schedules appointments, conferences and brief the Senior Director on the matter before confirming the meetings;
  • Arranges meetings and conferences and ensures that recordings of the proceedings are done;
  • Makes travel arrangements for the Senior Director;
  • Liaises with internal/external customers (local & overseas) in order to give/receive information as directed by the Senior Director;
  • Establishes and maintains a system for the control and safe keeping of classified, secret and confidential documents and reports;
  • Maintains an up-to-date records management system of documents including correspondence, agreements cabinet submissions, legal and personal matters;
  • Drafts correspondences as directed by the Senior Director;

Administrative Assistant

  • Serves as a liaison officer with other Departments in the resolution of day-to-day to acquire relevant information.
  • Takes and transcribes notes and produces documents.
  • Schedules and coordinates meetings for supervisor and senior officers in the unit.
  • Prepares statistical and narrative reports.
  • Establishes and maintains a records management system for the unit.                   
  • Records incoming and outgoing mail and distributes accordingly.  
  • Drafts response to routine correspondence for relevant signature.
  • Requests and manages the distribution of office stationery and supplies for the Division

We are located at:

61 Constant Spring Road,
Kingston 10

For further information, contact Peter Parchment, Senior Director, SPPRE Division

Tel: 906-3850 ext. 5529. Email: